Your One Stop True Turnkey

Electronic Component and Project Management Partner.

Product Design & Development

Innovative design team with skilled technical staff.
Customer assistance in designing products for manufacturability through to full contract development.
Our resource pool will satisfy all your design and development requirements.


Data Pack development and test solutions.
Product and process refinement.
Ensure high product yields from the onset to make sure product get to market as economically as possible..

Materials Management and Procurement

Making use of mature supplied relationships to ensure competitive pricing and on time delivery. Assisting engineering through development phase and sampling of components.

System Design

We cover many types of system design:
• High Speed Digital Design • FPGA and CLPD Design
• VHDL Development • Linux Kernel Development
• Linux Application Development • Low Cost Design
• ARM, AVR and PIC Software Development • Circuit Design
• 8bit, 16bit, and 32bit Processor Development
• PCB Design
• Windows Based Software (C++) • Low Power Design

Software Development

  • Windows Based Software
  • Linux Kernel Development
  • Linux App Development

For the Windows Based Software development we code using c++. C++ is a general-purpose programming language. It has imperative, object-oriented and generic programming features, while also providing facilities for low-level memory manipulation.

Linux kernel is a Unix-like computer operating system. The kernel is written mostly in C, with some architecture-dependent parts written in assembly. A good understanding of C is required for kernel development.

In Linux application development we also make use of c++. This is due to the possibility of having to use Linux kernel to achieve what is required within the application.

Our services

  • Manufacturing
  • Electronic Components
  • Post Manufacturing Services
  • Prototypes to Higher Volumes
  • Logistics and Final Packaging
  • Complete Project Management

Electronic and Industrial Product Design from Concept to Product. Surface Mount Technology (SMT) Through-hole Technology (THT) ultra fine-pitch BGA and wave soldering. (Nitrogen reflow ovens). Using skilled operators with stringent quality measures applied throughout the process. ISO listed facility. Integration capabilities include Electro mechanical , wiring and harnessing. Product Testing and Programming. Comprehensive environmental stress screening (ESS) vibration, thermal cycling or power cycling. Xray and Automated Optical Inspections.


Making use of mature supplier relationships to ensure competitive pricing, quality, and on time delivery. Assisting engineering through development phase and sampling of components. Specialising in overcoming minimum order quantities on electronic components.


Repair, upgrade, modification and refurbishment.Our dedication to help our customers succeed is paramount.


Whether you need prototypes or higher volumes manufactured we will be equally committed to produce it with the same dedication.


Shipping to end users including dangerous cargo. Cost effective packaging design that will take care of your packaging needs.


While companies concentrate on core business to be more competitive we will be your reliable partner to identify the best in the industry to oversee, develop and manufacture your product. Whether you need a electronic component or a completely tested and programmed product in designer packaging, remember that our service is based on flexibility, quick response and quality. Our dedication to help our customers succeed is paramount. Always willing to go that extra mile which will add value to your products.

We offer an extensive and diverse inventory from our various partners

including obsolete, hard to find items and desired quantity